Setting up your Chomebook

The following steps will help you set up your Chromebook

Turn on the computer

The power button is located in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard. If the computer will not turn on, plug in the included charging cable. Once the computer is turned on, the following screen will appear.

Click Let’s Go and the following page will show up. Select your WiFi’s name and double click.

Enter the password and click Connect

Once connected to the internet, the Google Chrome OS terms page will show up. Click Accept and Continue.

The computer will then check for updates. Wait until the follow page appears.

Type your email. The email needs to be connected to a Google Account.  Then click Next

Then type your password and click Next again. The following page may appear. If it does you need to check your phone and tap Yes on your phone. If the computer skips this step, then just continue to the next one.

Once the You’re signed in! page appears, click Accept and continue

Click More once Goggle Play apps and services page appears

On the Install apps from your other devices page, if the apps will not install click skip. These apps are either incompatible with the Chromebook or the Chromebook version will need to be installed at a later time.

On the Google Assistant is ready to help page, I would click No thanks. The Google Assistant is very much the same as Alexa or Siri, but in this case it can control the computer through voice. If you would like that enabled, click I agree.

On the Connect to you phone page, I would click No thanks. If your phone is connected, text messages and other notifications will show up on the chrome book. If this is something you would like then click Accept & continue.

The set up is finished. If you click on Take the tour, you will be shown the basics about how to use the Chromebook. If you prefer to not take the tour, then click the X in the upper right hand corner.

The Chromebook is now ready to go. Enjoy!