Anytime on Tuesday, February 25, pick up the phone to call your elected officials and share some of the same messages from home that your fellow educators and advocates are sharing in person.

Here’s what you can say:

-As a constituent and an advocate for child care and early learning, I want to thank Congress for the increases in child care funding that have made high-quality, affordable child care a reality for more children and families.

-Our state is making progress, yet we need more resources to build on our success, and meet the needs of children, families, educators, and businesses.

-I am asking you to support increasing funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) by an additional $5 billion over the FY 2020 level.

-I also ask you to co-sponsor the Child Care for Working Families Act, which builds on the success of CCDBG and takes this investment to the next level to comprehensively address our nation’s child care crisis.

-Finally, please support a reauthorization of the Higher Education Act that supports current and future early childhood educators working across all settings by investing in their professional preparation and development!

-Thank you for listening and for investing in our nation’s children, families, and educators!

You can also post on social media, following and using the hashtags #naeycPPF, #ECEwins, #FundChildCare and #ChildCare4All.

Make sure you tag @NAEYC and @SupportEarlyEd as well, and look for great pictures, and great fun as we bring the power of our profession to Capital Hill!

Click here to learn how to contact your local member of congress!