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Dear Community Supporter:
This past week we shared an article (included below) titled, “Is Online Early-Childhood Education the Next Big Thing?” As early childhood advocates, for years we have cautioned caregivers about the affects of “screen time” on young developing minds. Technology in no way replaces the social interactions that are seen in quality care environments for young children (home or child care settings).

But can technology be appropriately used to enhance the learning that comes from conversation, adult-child interactions, peer interactions and other activities that promote creativity and child development? These little ones will be working in a world filled with technology…so different from even what we know now. In my opinion, it is important for them to continue to learn skills around technology. However, proceed with caution. And closely monitor the content and the amount of time the little ones are spending in front of the screen!

Have a great week and thank you for your continued support of ECCSLV!

Sherri A. Valdez
Executive Director
Early Childhood Council of the San Luis Valley

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