Professional Development Information System

On the Colorado Shines PDIS, you’ll be joining other early care and learning professionals throughout Colorado to complete training, apply for credentials and qualifications, and more. Together, we can support families and communities so every young child thrives.

Introducing Petey
Introducing Petey, the PDIS Mascot and Help Desk Chat Bot. Petey (like PD in PDIS, get it?!) is our new PDIS Help Desk Chat Bot. He went live earlier this month and is ready to support you – look for him in the bottom right corner of the PDIS! Petey will be able to help with password resets and help users find what they are looking for on the PDIS. In addition to being our Help Desk Chat Bot, keep an eye out for monthly PDIS updates from Petey. If you have the PDIS login page bookmarked, you may need to reset the bookmark for him to show up on the home page.