Universal Pre-K


Universal Pre-K (UPK) is a new program Colorado has introduced to help families financially with preschool and child care needs. Below you will find information regarding the program and eligibility requirements.  

Who can take advantage of this program?

1 Year prior to kindergarten WITH QUALIFYING FACTORS

income factor plus 1 additional can qualify your family for up to 30 hours of care per week.


No qualifying factors are required to be eligible for 15 hours per week 

2 years prior to kindergarten WITH QUALIFYING FACTORS

Income factor plus 1 additional factor can qualify you for up to 10 hours of care per week.


      • LOW INCOME
      • IEP

Why should my family participate?

Cost Savings

This program provides a tuition credit, reducing your cost of child care for families

Quality Education

as quality standards are being developed UPK Providers will use an evidenced based curriculum, and work with quality navigators to implement preschool education for children

School Readiness

Preschool is designed to help students be academically and emotionally prepared for future learning whether it be in a classroom, or home based setting.


How do I get started?

start at https://upk.colorado.gov/ to apply 

If you need assistance, please call:


or email Lcoresource@eccslv.org

Additional Information

  • Families can Apply at any time during the year
  • UPK funding can be used in addition to other funding streams such as CCAP
  • families are encouraged to talk with their providers about schedules, specific funding questions, and provider rates
  • matches are occurring on a consistent basis and families will be notified directly through their preferred contact method about enrollment instructions
  • Families with a 3 year old being serviced by an IEP should submit a UPK application
  • Non- IEP 3 year old families should contact their local school district directly for preschool support
what is the time line of enrollment?

Family Matching:

  • Registration open between February 29th through July 5th
  • First family-provider matching round will run on April 22nd, Providers accept matches from April 23rd through May 7th
  • Families will accept first round matches from May 8th through May 15th
  • Second family-provider matching round will run on July 5th, Providers will accept matches from July 8th through July 22nd
  • Families will accept second round matches from July 23rd through July 31st

Direct Enrollment:

  • Direct Enrollment between August 1st until the end of the 2024 – 2025 school year
  • Families will directly enroll with providers based on provider availability

IEP Direct Enrollment:

  • IEP Direct Placement from February 29th through the end of the 2024 – 2025 school year
  • Special Education Administrative Units (AUs) and school districts will request placement of students with IEPs. Providers will accept matches within 2 weeks of receiving a match; families will have until the start of the school year to accept matches